Friday, 20 July 2012

Undeady Goodness

The local gaming club I've joined are running a Mordheim campaign, and never having played a WFB themed game, thought I'd take the plunge. I had a look at the various warbands made by GW but nothing jumped out at me. They all seemed a bit 'meh', so I reluctantly settled on an undead warband as I've always had a liking for the mortally challenged.

I like the idea of creating a back story for my miniatures, It especially motivates me to get them painted up and ready for the table. The Mordheim Vampires didn't really inspire me so I thought I'd have a go at customising some Vampire Counts figures. I wanted to create a warband with real character so started brainstorming. An hour later I'd come up with my entire roster and just needed to find the proxy models to build on.

The first character I created was Lucian Leville, an insane Jester who would ride into battle on a hobby horse made of human bones. The closest Proxy was Jules le Jongleur from the Bretonnian army list.

I drilled out his face (ouch) to make room for the Necromancers face from the Corpse Cart. I also removed the horse head and balloon. I replaced these with some skulls, ribs and a flaming torch.

The second character is my favourite. Heinrich Folter, The Plague Doctor of Ostermark. Driven from his home town for 'corrupt' practices with the newly dead, he collects bodies for his own nefarious ends. I liked the Necromancer With Skull miniature, as he had such an open pose that could be customised without too much difficulty.

Having drilled and pinned a tiny metal rod into his face (again ouch), I built up his 'beak' with green stuff. I cut off bits and pieces that didn't fit my theme, skull, sword, cloaks collar etc. I added some decapitated heads and a nice curved serrated knife, perfect for a deranged surgeon.

Excuse the awful picture quality


Third and final (so far) is Malediction, a Vampire who leaves a trail of plague and death in his wake. I used the Necromancer from the Corpse Cart and replaced the whip with a withered hand.


My next post will feature the rest of my pustulent warband plus some modern day zombie goodness.


  1. Very nice conversions! Love the hobby horse idea :d