Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Picking the Remains

Having cleared out the attic, after recently moving house, I've discovered a haul of bits and bobs I'd completely forgotten about. Its amazing what gets shoved up into the attic (by the wife) once you have a baby on the way!
I used to play in a band and my picks of choice were made by Hot Picks. I used to play with a medium gauge zombie pick, and was a regular buyer from their store (so much so they sent me a promotional poster to stick to my amp).

Nothing better than soloing with a zombie head
After the clear out I was sent to the supermarket to pick up some dinner. Whilst there I bought a copy of Remains on DVD. I'd spied this online and thought to give it a watch with the wife later that night.
Picking any movie to watch with her is intimidating enough; my track record for picking good movies is awful, and this movie just hammered the point home.

It was the worst kind of bad...boring.

I can watch a truly awful film, and enjoy it for what it is, but when a movie just drags, and is full of dull dialogue and lack lustre acting then I'm done with it.
It actually made me angry. Reason being that I loved the comics this was based on. The story was fun and the characters interesting. The action sequences moved along at a nice pace and you felt drawn into the world he'd created.
So when Steve told us the comic had been optioned 7 years ago, I thought it would be cool to see. Even more so after seeing 30 Days of Night.

I can't even recommend it as a so-bad-its-good movie. At the end I just felt cheated and disappointed at a missed opportunity.

On more of a hobby note, the whiplash is all but gone, so I've started work on building some pieces of terrain/street furniture. First up are some coffins/body bags for my morgue.

More to follow...


  1. Here's to a speedy recovery, looking forward to getting inspiration from your street furniture and other bits.

  2. Glad your on the mend. A lot of films are a bit too hyped up recently and are a disappointment to watch. Looking forward to seeing you terrain when finished

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